15 May 2012

Springboard for Success at London 2012 : The Youth Olympic Games

His career took off in Singapore in 2010, at the first ever Youth Olympic Games, where he won two gold medals. Now, he’s heavily tipped to win medals at the London Olympics. For the Chinese diver Qiu Bo, the Youth Olympic Games – the YOG -- were the powerful springboard for his success.

And it’s a similar story for the South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, winner of five medals in Singapore, now a medallist contender in London, where he’ll be competing against Michael Phelps, his mentor and YOG Ambassador (Chad finished ahead of Michael Phelps in the FINA World Cup in Moscow in 2 events) . Two other YOG graduates, Jessica Fox (Australia) and Alexander Massialas (USA), -- have also outdone their more experienced rivals to secure places at London 2012.

What these young athletes gained from the Youth Olympic Games was invaluable experience of top flight competition, and the self-confidence and encouragement to take the final key steps onto the world’s greatest sports arena. And they’re not alone – many others have made the step up from the 2010 YOG to qualify for London 2012.

Through the remarkable journeys of Qiu, Chad, Jessica and Alexander, as they make the grade to full Olympic level, this video news feature will demonstrate how the Youth Olympic Games have become a vital proving ground for future Olympians, as they test themselves against their peers from around the world. We’ll show footage of their successes in Singapore, together with interviews with the athletes and training sequences.

The feature will also include brief feature with Michael Phelps, and interview with IOC President Jacques Rogge about his hopes for YOG athletes competing at the London Games.