25 January 2011

IOC President Jacques Rogge to Meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

IOC President Jacques Rogge to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, 25 January 2011 at the IOC HQ in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The two leaders will review the joint activities put in place in 2010 and discuss a number of upcoming initiatives using sport as a tool for peace, education and development.

By using sport as a tool, the IOC and its partners implement various activities across the globe in fields such as humanitarian assistance, peace-building, education, gender equality, the environment and the fight against HIV/AIDS, hence contributing to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development goals. The decision from October 2009 to grant the IOC UN observer status pays tribute to these efforts and is a sign of the strong bonds between the IOC and the UN, which share the same philosophy and values.

A-Roll footage will include: Coverage of the meetings, and interview soundbite with Ban Ki-moon.

B-Roll footage will include: Namibia - Osire Refugee Settlement.

B-Roll slate: Launch of The UNHCR-IOC Sports Project.