12 May 2011

Israel and Palestine National Olympic Committees meet


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0005 Delegations arriving at IOC HQ in Lausanne.

0026 IOC President Jacques Rogge greets delegates.

0044 Delegates at coffee break.

0113 : IOC President Rogge : “We're trying to resolve problem of free circulation and travelling of Palestinian athletes. They have difficulty going out of their country, and coming back, and we want to ease that. We've made good progress, there's now a plan to be proposed to the Israeli government, and we hope that it will be looked at favourably. There'll be a hotline between the two National Olympic Committees, and we'll continue to fine-tune these proposals in Ramallah, where again everyone will be present. We'll also help Palestine to develop their sports, also with the help of the Israel Olympic Committee.”

0201 “Nous avons reuni autour de la table les comites nationaux olympiques d'Israel et de Palestine pour d'une part regler le probleme de la circulationl et des voyages des athletes palestiniens qui eprouvent des difficultes a franchir les frontieres, soit a revenir dans leur pays, et egalement contribuer avec l'appui de nos amis israeliens a la reconstruction des infrastructures sportives en Palestine. Nous avons eu la premiere reunion il y a quelques semaines, nous avons eu la seconde reunion aujourd'hui et elle a ete tres constructive. Nous avons fait de grandes avancees, et je m'en rejouis.”

0247 “This is the first time that both sides are speaking to each other, this is the first time both sides agree to come together. All sides will be around the table in Ramallah, including our Israeli friends, so this is the beginning of a dialogue. It's always the same pattern: from dialogue comes respect, and from respect can come friendship.”

Interview Major General Jibril Rajoub, President, Palestine Olympic Committee : “I hope that such meetings will pave the way for future cooperation, for athletes from Palestine to have free circulation, whether inside the Palestinian territories, or from Palestinian territorieso to outside. At the same time, I hope this will lead to the Israeli athletes to play all over the world, like other athletes all over the world.”

Interview General Efraim Zinger, Secretary, Israel Olympic Committee : “ We have decided to take concrete action to bring athletes from both sides together. So Palestinian athletes will have the chance to know some Israeli athletes, and that Israeli athletes will get to know Palestinian athletes. Because we bellieve that bring them together for training camps or seminars will create a better atmosphere. Even if it's a very small step, it's the right step forward.”

Visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge to Palestine – Ramallah, October 2010

0459 Arrival at Ramallah, and greeting by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

0524 Visit to Al-Ayamara refugee settlement, Ramallah

0541 President Rogge views fencing and dance displays at Al-Aymara.

Visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge to Israel – Tel Aviv, October 2010

0621 President Rogge : “I'll study to improve collaboration between the different National Olympic Committees and at the same time will look at how to improve travelling of athletes from one region to the other, and hopefully we'll find a quick solution for that. In a discussion this morning with the Prime Minister, we agreed that after the meeting in Lausanne, I'll send a memorandum to the government to see what measures will be taken, and I hope there'll be improvement in the situation.”

0657 “happens onc e in a while. Palestinian athletes have difficulty in participating in international matches, or being allowed to travel from Gaza to Ramallah for example. We understand of course that there are security measures to be respected, and that's very important, but we've pleaded for facilitating of these travels. On the other hand, the IOC will always support Israeli athletes who are prevented from participating in some international competition.s If this happens, the IOC will intervene with local government and the local olympic committee, so as to permit participation of Israeli athletes in international competition. So it goes on both sides.”

0810 ends