9 May 2011

IOC and UN Joint Forum


00 00 Title slate

00 06 General views Port au Prince

00 15 Classroom, Ecole Nationale St Vincent de Paul, at Cité Boston in Port au Prince. Children put on IOC caps and T-shirts

00 25 WFP workers meet with the school principal.

00 32 Haitian National Olympic Committee workers bring creates full of sports gear.

00 53 They distribute football gear to the children.

01 12 Handball practice at the school. Trainers are recruited by the Haitian Olympic Committee.

01 25 Children do exercises, guided by trainer.

01 53 Basketball practice.

02 05 WFP food distribution at the school.

02 33 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon : “Sport is a language spoken by everybody without discrimination, and it provides a role model for peace and harmony and friendship. It creates solidarity, promotes universality and therefore through sports we can promote peace, harmony and friendship, when the whole world is now going through many challenges and conflicts.”

03 14 IOC President Jacques Rogge : “ We’re going to deepen the relationship, because the UN has 24 agencies and we’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with each of them, so in each sector, whether refugees, prevention of HIV/AIDS, WFP or Environment, we’re going to work very closely, and try to support the UN in achieving the Millennium Development Goals."

03 47 Myrta Kanlard, Haiti Country Director WFP : “ It isn’t a little thing at all, sports activity. It is required, especially at a critical age like children in primary school age. Children are growing so they really need to have a proper physical activity, like they need to have appropriate food. One without the other, it’s a pity, because you really miss the opportunities for children to grow into full adults with full potential.”

04 25 Francoise Gruloo-Ackermans, UNICEF representative in Haiti , speaking in French : “When there’s a mjaor disaster, children should be a first priority, to try to normalize their situation. So a child has to find his friends, his parents, he has to play, to occupy his mind with other thoughts. So it’s always natural for UNICEF to think of games, and sport. In Haiti, the primary partner to work in sport and games is the Haitian National Olympic Committee.”

05 30 Information slate

05 35 Ends