AP Assignments

About Us

AP Assignments is the corporate production and distribution division of the world's largest news agency - The Associated Press.

We are unique

AP Assignments will manage your video and photography production and distribution needs.
We have access to award-winning camera crews and photographers, and offer distribution solutions that get your material directly onto the desks of editorial decision-makers worldwide.
We have a global network of bureaux, staffed by journalists, producers, editors, photographers and camera crews, with a formidable track record of production in news, magazine, and documentary programming.
AP Assignments has access to the world's media organisations - we can help you reach broadcasters, digital, or print.

Little wonder that, for many years now, the world’s most prestigious international corporations and non-profit organisations have become our regular clients, such as
 Shell, the International Olympic Committee, the European Commission,
AP Assignments has built its worldwide reputation on giving our non-broadcast clients full access to its unrivalled resources, with cost-effective services tailored to fit their needs.

We are proud of our record

Our clients can call on remarkable video and image production resources, locally-based around the world. They can engage with a worldwide television, digital, and print audience through our unique distribution networks. And they can draw on our ability to produce and deliver material from virtually anywhere. 

Whether the job is large or small, mainstream or unique, AP Assignments handles all the logistics from start to finish. 
AP Assignments - A world of possibilities.


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